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Fresh Prawns

Fresh prawns (চিংড়ি, இரால்). 35-50 pieces. ~40% weight reduces due to cleaning & waste removal.

Price Starts From ₹459.11

Fresh Prawns of Shrimps? It’s totally your choice. Do you prefer Fresh Prawns to the cooked ones? We understand that prawns can be bought cooked too and eaten cold as they are but, nothing stands the ultimate choice of Fresh Prawns as you can prepare any kind of dishes you think they can serve well. We greatly recommend Fresh Prawns for our customers because:

  • They are very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Very rich in Vitamin B12
  • Have very low or have no saturated fat

Their nutrients are what the heart and eyes and/or most of the internal organs of the body need for maximum functionality. Thefreshmeatmarket is dedicated to serving our customers the most hygienic packaged Fresh Prawns in the seafood market. Our delivery system is very fast and hassle-free guaranteeing your optimal satisfaction and enjoyment.