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Rohu (Small)

Fresh Rohu Fish (রুই) Medium in Curry Cut. Approx. 15% weight reduces due to cleaning (scale removal, wastage).

Price Starts From ₹149.24

Rohu Fish is a Carp fish very low in fat and calories compared to other fishes in the market. The meat from Rohu fish is very soft and easily digestible and highly fully packed with high Amino Acids, Proteins and very important minerals like Zinc, Iron, Iodine, Selenium and Calcium. The Rohu Fish is fully enriched with Omega 3 which is perfect for our skin health and has relatively very low cholesterols and saturated fats. If not properly packages, all these amazing benefits can be lost leaving you with nothing but just flavor and taste. This is why we’re always passionate and very dedicated to supplying our customers the most nutritious Rohu Fish in the market.